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So... what have you been up to ladies?
Things have been quiet here lately despite a lot going on at the Emirates.

I've been super busy with my studies & work (sadly no free time for long fun match posts or mesuty updates) & I'm sure you were busy as well.

So now that I'm relaxing I thought I could make a post to cheer up your weekend. Hope you're having a good one :)

This pic will def be remembered😍😍

And here are some pics that never fail to put a smile on our face:

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10 April 2015 @ 11:33 pm
Saw this on the Gunners subreddit and thought I'd share.

Also, Bug Eyes changed his Twitter header to this:

We've got an away fixture at Burnley tomorrow. Won't be easy since Chelsea, City and Spurs have dropped points against them. But I think we can do well.

07 April 2015 @ 11:29 pm
*This is late but I thought I'd make a post anyway.

(This is my desktop wallpaper, that's how much I love this picture.)

On Saturday, Arsenal played Liverpool at the Emirates. A lot was at stake here: for Liverpool, this was their chance to bounce back from their defeat to Manchester United; for us, a chance to go #2 in the table and exact revenge for last season's 5-1 mauling. And boy, did we avenge our loss.

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First, let's take a moment and appreciate ...

In my case, it took several moments. Now to figure out how to make that into an icon ...

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23 March 2015 @ 08:34 pm
AT LONG LAST!!!!!! :'D

Nothing better to wash the nasty taste of El Clasico right out of my mouth like SAMISUT!!
18 March 2015 @ 12:02 am
(I wasn't planning to resume making posts until the next international break (and the return of NT Bambi!), but am thinking we all need a little corner right now to gather, hug and wipe away our snot tears.)

Oh, boys ...

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While I find this whole debate about Mesut's contribution/playing style/value/work ethic/heart/attitude/body language/effectiveness/inability-to-leap tall-buildings-with-a-single-bound quite tiresome already, it does not mean it keeps me from reading people's opinions on the subject matter. So when I come across someone who agrees with me (haha) I like to share.

Today I read this article where the author explained quite well just how difficult it is to measure Mesut's "Unquantifiable Excellence". Much of what he explains I believe we have all put into words over the years, because we are observant. We know how to watch and interpret his movements when he's off the ball. We see the work he does slinking quietly, unobtrusively, behind the scenes, just prior to that chance he creates... which is the ONLY thing most people will see. Or rather I should say, what many will see and STILL discredit. Case in point can be found in the middle of the article, complete with video. The part about how the commentator, Gary Neville, devalued his chance-creation was my favorite part. The man was relentless in that match in his attacks of Mesut, who admittedly was not having a good game. But it was his over-arching statements about his lack of worth and disappointing performances all season long, wiping away with broad brushstrokes every one of his achievements since his return from injury (which had been more than impressive!!) in the first 20 minutes of a match where NOBODY was performing well that really got me bent out shape. *Sigh* Here we go again... was all I could think.

Anyways, the author sums up the point of his piece, as well as the "highly debatable" excellence of Mesut in the final paragraph.

      Özil has made his career working in the places that none of our
numbers and only our most observant eyes can see.
He makes players better; he always has.

I encourage you all to read the piece in it's entirety.


11 February 2015 @ 10:51 am
An update on the romantic situation for this community.

OK! Magazine has chattered with people in Mandy Capristo's hometown (population: c. 20, or thereabouts - in other words, everyone knows everything about everyone else) and it's said they're back together, he's visited with her parents, visited her, begged for forgiveness and she's back to adorning his in-form boots (Mesut has come back with a massive bang since injury, scoring and assisting - or both - in every single game since his return).

Mandy is very much in the news at the moment, as she's currently working as a juror on a talent show on the network RTL and looks more lovely than ever. He's back in form. The magazine cheekily observes that this could be love's effect :)

They always visibly adored each other, so this is hardly a surprise.

04 February 2015 @ 11:41 pm
Are Mesut and Mandy back together? Could it be true? Well, that's at least what the Hamburger Morgenpost wants to make us believe.


The article says: Mit Mandy Capristo ist er nach unseren Informationen wieder zusammen. „Sie waren ja nie richtig getrennt“, sagte am Dienstag ein Freund Özils.
Translation: According to our informations, he is back together with Mandy Capristo. "Actually, they never were truly separated", a friend of Özil said on Tuesday.

So, how trustworthy is this? Well, at least the Hamburger Morgenpost is not one of those pathetic gossip-rags, and writer Thomas Gassmann has been close to the Özil family before. In fact, he must have been the first journalist to officially call Mandy Capristo Mesut's girlfriend back in June 2013, when she attended the wax figure presentation in Düsseldorf. And you know what? I want it to be true! I have been missing M&M a lot.
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02 February 2015 @ 02:28 pm
Ok as you all know yesterday was a happy happy magical day for all the Gunners!!!!!
I enjoyed every second of the match!
5 goals
5 different scorers
0 goals conceded

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28 January 2015 @ 02:10 pm
And is improving his English!

Let's give it a couple of years and he'll be rocking a Brit accent like Chezza!

Also, not sure if people saw this, but our boys (including Bug Eyes) did an Arsenal Instagram takeover!
26 January 2015 @ 08:39 pm
After Saturday's massive giant killing (with Chelsea, City, Spurs and Southampton OUT), it was time for the holders of the FA Cup, Arsenal to play their tie against the Championship side Brighton & Hove Albion.

It was Bug Eyes' first start since his injury (and as you remember, his first match was when he came on as a sub for the 3-0 win against Stoke).

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25 January 2015 @ 01:00 pm
Mesexis were all smiles during Saturday's training
2015-01-25 13.11.14

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The title holders are preparing to win an FA Cup match today vs Brighton & yes Mesut figures in the starting line-up *yayyy*
And what amused me today is this:

Apparently a youngster who plays for Brighton is an Arsenal supporter & a huge Özil fan. He's hoping to swap shirts with him & then put it in a frame :)
12 January 2015 @ 04:29 pm

Mesut tweeted months ago to put rumours of a transfer to rest. Arsenal fans loved it. And thus, a new banner appeared at Emirates to mark his return...

Yes, Mesut. We love you. Because not only did you come to Arsenal after years of stars leaving, you went further - you came as a record transfer, professed yourself thrilled to be at what you called a great club, and you mocked transfer rumours linking you to one of Europe's top two clubs at the minute.

No fans at any club will ever love you better <3!

10 January 2015 @ 04:30 pm
Mesut was all smiles training with his teamates again ahead of facing Stoke City at the Emirates this Sunday :D

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