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Mesut was awarded with the Laureus Award yesterday for his charitable giving after the World Cup this summer in Brazil. If you will recall, he originally donated enough money to fund 11 surgeries for disadvantaged children in the host country. He called them "the most beautiful team of eleven ever. " D'awwwww.
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Last night, Mesut was at the Laureus awards, which suzanne410 will be posting about shortly. He looked adorably awful. He also endeared himself to Jenny by verbally kicking his father to the curb.

This comes after his father's absurd comments about how Mandy Capristo is responsible for the break between his son and himself and somehow responsible for the lawsuit.

Mesut, asked by Bild, was very direct.

"Mandy bears no responsibility for the break with my father and has zero, comma zero, to do with it."

Jenny approves of these remarks

These remarks are appreciated. Mainly because Mustafa needed to be slapped down, but the notion that Mandy Capristo should even bother to notice anything the old fart has to say is too ridiculous. So much better his son does it so she doesn't have to trouble herself with any effort.

Never thought I'd say this about any part of this affair - but well done.
Now that Mustafa Özil has his settlement from suing his son's management company after being dropped by it, he couldn't resist running off to the press.



Here's a brief translation of what was said:

"His girlfriend at the time, Mandy, came between us. Turned my boy crazy."

Bild, who published this interview, have slyly pointed out that there may have been other factors - like the marriage between the parents breaking up, the law suit itself, the way in which the Madrid transfer was handled and Mustafa's constant infidelity, and bitterness over being sacked.

I think, as a collective, this community has always had some very clear opinions on Mesut's father. Thanks for confirming, Mustafa.
11 November 2014 @ 05:08 pm
I've been away for a while, so I've not been keeping up. I've just read that Ozil was being sued by Mustafa. I had no idea.

Mesut Ozil Makes Peace With Father in Out of Court Settlement

Mesut Ozil sacked his father Mustafa as managing director of his marketing company last year only for Mustafa Ozil to file a complaint for loss of earnings totalling 630,000 euros (US$782,724).

Berlin: Arsenal's Germany international Mesut Ozil has reached an out-of-court settlement worth an undisclosed sum in a civil case with his father, Duesseldorf's district court confirmed Tuesday.

Ozil sacked his father Mustafa as managing director of his marketing company last year only for Mustafa Ozil to file a complaint for loss of earnings totalling 630,000 euros (US$782,724).

The current stakeholders of the World Cup-winner's firm, Ozil Marketing GmbH, had made a counter claim, demanding repayment of a loan worth one million euros and the return of a company car from Ozil senior.

Mustafa Ozil was responsible for his son's 50 million-euro transfer from Real Madrid to Arsenal in 2013, but for the last 12 months Ozil's affairs have been looked after by his brother Mutlu.



Mesut Özil’s father takes Arsenal star to court

Mesut Özil’s father Mustafa Özil filed a lawsuit against the Arsenal star according to German newspaper Express.

Case 2b = 242/13 concerned a family dispute between Mustafa and his son. Özil’s father claimed € 600,000 commission from an advertising contract and 30,000 € commission from a deal with a watch company had not been paid.

The bizarre story centres around the time when Mustafa represented his son as chief executive officer of Özil’s sports agency – Özil Marketing GmbH.

The management company also represent FC Koln youth players Barış Sarıkaya and Anıl Çapkın both born in Germany to Turkish parents.

The dispute had a happy ending as father and son patched things up and agreed to pull out of the lawsuit.

Özil recently replaced his father with his sibling Mutlu Özil as chief executive officer of his sports agency.

The 25-year-old also employs media consultant Roland Eitel and Haimspel, an agency which looks after his Facebook page.

The Arsenal star also recently joined his teammate Jack Wilshere on the books of Wasserman Media Group headed by Fahri Ecvet.

09 November 2014 @ 06:36 pm
Looks like Mesut's got himself an Esquire UK photo shoot/interview. To be honest, I haven't read a magazine of any kind since 9th grade (Hola, Internet! Boy, you sure are convenient!), so thank goodness for Tumblr or else this would have slipped right on by. Apparently he posted these on Instagram as a "sneak-peak" ...

(Oy vey ... Highlights ...)

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29 October 2014 @ 02:29 am
Been quiet around here lately. No surprise. Not only are most of us probably still stewing/put off by the split of M&M's, but Mesut's injury's sidelined him in more ways than one. Very little news to be had on his goings-on, other than updates on his recovery. After a while you sorta slip into a Bambi-less-induced haze and just sorta wander away to actually do OTHER stuff in your life, waiting for the day things start to click once more, if ever.

Every now and then I check in on Tumblr (because Facebook confounds me; Twitter escapes me; and Instagram is a myth to me), through nervous fingers, to see what he's up to. Hadn't done so for the past couple of days, so this might be now considered old news, but I think I can say with confident certainty that we wouldn't have been half as mad at him had he sent those cringe-worthy texts to ...

FOUR years, people! Serzil has lasted longer than any of his actual relationships. Oh, just put a ring on it already.
19 October 2014 @ 05:11 pm
I've found these on YouTube:

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18 October 2014 @ 10:09 am
A "lion" theme party... I'm not surprised


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17 October 2014 @ 02:58 pm
Oh dear.

Remember how the nicest thing about Mesut having such a lovely girlfriend what that it meant we saw less of his dad hanging around? Let's face it, we were never fans of that meddling peasant.

Let's hope Mesut's father's slightly random statement to Bild (I'm not even going to bother translating it, people, you can use Google Translate. I do have a gag-reflex) seems a type of hand-outstretching from the past seeking a reconciliation.

Wenn er die Beziehung zu Mandy beendet hat, respektiere und akzeptiere ich das. Mesut ist alt genug, so eine Entscheidung selbst zu treffen. Er ist jung, nicht verheiratet. Es wird nicht die letzte Beziehung in seinem Leben gewesen sein. Jeden Tag gibt es Trennungen, so ist das Leben. Das Thema Liebe habe ich aber ihm überlassen. Ich möchte als sein Vater einfach nur, dass er glücklich ist.

People. I can't. Though I will say the wording is interesting. Dude. She dumped your son. Not the other way around. Can women please do things without their agency being taken away from them? Language matters, dude. Why am I even talking to this guy. I hate him.

For those wanting the final details before we say farewell to Mandy and Don Capone - the break came over the telephone. A "friend" (more likely some gossippy intern on the set of DSDS) has revealed Mandy read the chat transcript in the news, telephoned up Mesut for an explanation, and didn't get one that was satisfactory to her. Relationship over after what we can only imagine was an incoherent rendering at the other end of the phone (we know our boy!).

Good girl. Jenny approves.
Update: He's refollowed her on Instagram about half an hour ago according to the Tumblr geniuses. Make your mind up, idiot.

Well. That sucks. And no happy birthday wishes for you, Mesut. You bloody, allegedly stupid little boy.

From press reports, it would appear our bug-eyed imbecile couldn't stay faithful to his girl (with rumours floating around the press that he has cheated on her with a girlfriend of a former Bayern-professional - who has taken their chats and published screen captures on Facebook.)

I am disappointed.

And I wish Mandy the best of luck. And better luck with a less feckless guy. Because let's face it, I'm fond of the idiot, but I won't excuse this.

They have unfollowed each other on every social network and deleted every photograph of each other. Mandy went first, with Mesut (apparently) unfollowing and then following and the unfollowing her in a fit of indecisiveness. This pleases me because it leaves him looking foolish and out of control of the situation while she appears calm and collected. Which is no less than he deserves at this point. Idiot.

Presumably, each gets to keep the pug they had the begining of the relationship.

Mandy, my darling. You were always too good for him. I used to say so. If there's no reconciliation, I remain your fan and best of luck in the future.

And it just occured to me, Mandy's tag has never been more appropriate. It was coined by lovinthelads and the full version is from the song: Oh Mandy, you came and you gave without taking...

Good bye, you beautiful, lovely girl. We'll miss you.

13 October 2014 @ 07:50 pm

Why? Because the world needed this, that's why. Also because Sami might be moving to Arsenal and guess who has two thumbs, tons of Sami/Mesut fic ideas and is excited as fuck about it.

Link is here, it goes back to my tumblr where I originally made the post. I update the list whenever I find new fics I want to add, so if you wanna rec me something that I missed, feel free to do so

The rumours that Mesut could end up in Munich had been gaining steam this week - all based from one disreputable gossip column in one newspaper during a slow-news week.

Mesutreassured the fans he must know adore him with the following rather brilliant tweet.

And I am seriously impressed with how genius this tweet is. Because he talks to us directly, and not about the transfer rumours, but manages to reassure us about the rumours anyway.

For those not yet aware: Mia san mia is Bayern's famous motto. "We are who we are."

By tweeting #MiaSanArsenal he is tweeting: We are Arsenal. He's addressing the rumours. He's making fun of then. He's teasing his fans. Very well done.

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08 October 2014 @ 11:36 pm
The notification woke me up from my nap and lemme say, I'd much prefer to have stayed sleeping.

ESPN FC reports:

Mesut Ozil has been ruled out for "10 to 12 weeks" with ruptured ligaments in his left knee, the German Football Federation (DFB) has confirmed.

Ozil, 25, played the full 90 minutes for Arsenal in Sunday's 2-0 defeat to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, but was sent to Munich on to undergo an MRI scan earlier on Wednesday after joining up with the Germany national team for their upcoming Euro 2016 qualifiers.

The midfielder did not take part in the first training session on Tuesday after a problem in his knee was detected, before being sent on to Munich for precautionary tests with team doctor Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt the following day.

DFB spokesperson Jens Grittner wrote on Twitter: "Arrived here already injured: Ozil to miss 10 to 12 weeks. Diagnosis: Partial lateral collateral ligament tear in left knee. Get well soon, Mesut!"

The DFB added in a statement: "The Arsenal playmaker already complained about pains in his left knee when arriving at Frankfurt.

"A MRI scan at team doctor Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt today revealed a partial lateral collateral ligament tear in left

"The treatment will be non-operative with a six-week immobilisation of the knee. Mesut Ozil is likely to be out for 10 to 12 weeks."


So not feliz about this. Arsenal's bad luck run just never seems to end.

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08 October 2014 @ 02:51 pm
I've been surfing through the archive of crinkly_ears on a boring wednesday afternoon... and yes! I suddenly got amused by the very first posts of our beloved jenny_jenkins to the community!
I noticed that there weren't any comments so I decided to share them cz they're truely amazing and watch-worthy!

Here are 2 successful biographical posts:
Of Clubs, Girlfriends, Tabloids and Goals - The Political Evolution of Mesut Ozil Part I

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