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Like last year, rather tamer than 2012 (thank you, Mandy!) - the summer that spawned a dozen tags counselling responsible birth control use.

This year they're back together in Vegas again, and for the second time he took her to exactly the same club he'd been visiting in 2012 and that he took her to in 2013. Boy has no imagination!

That's a blushing Mandy in the front holding her face as they were greeted with big placards at that club with letters spelling out her name.

Earlier in the day they played Go Kart together (which is such a Mesuty idea of what is fun - but Mandy looks game!):

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23 July 2014 @ 11:23 am
Just sharing the cuteness of our lovebirds <3
I don't own anything of course.

On 18 July 2014, M&M made a tour by Taxi cab in Hollywood Boulevard & shopped at Zara:

tumblr_n8xviiBjLj1smibqzo2_500 tumblr_n8xviiBjLj1smibqzo4_500

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Now it's time for the Bonus!


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Why hello, lovebirds...

4 1
3 2

They're at some charity kick-ball event. I haven't the first clue what that is. Not soccer, I guess.

I think I speak for meowlizz in particular when I say these "it hasn't been three years yet and everything about you remains inexplicably adorable and irresistible and you have no flaws" -phase pictures from the great alliterating romance of our time are very welcome indeed ;)

It's been a muted, sobering day here in the Netherlands, with only one specific story dominating the news networks, so I switched off my TV and decided to cheer myself up by diving back into the refreshing pool that is football ... Only to land face-first onto a rock of Life-sucks-deal-with-it:

I REFUSE this reality! I've been living in dread waiting for Miro to announce his retirement, only to be sucker punched from behind by LAHM hanging up his international boots. Didn't even get a chance to brace for it. Just ... WHAM BAM NO MORE LAHM.

Am sure I will get around to thanking him someday for his years of service; his leadership; his reliability ... But today am just gonna throw mini hissy fits and angrily yell his name at the ceiling in sporadic bursts of dismay. You couldn't have at least stayed until Euro 2016?!
18 July 2014 @ 01:01 pm
I don't know what to do with my life since the world cup is over now...
So I decided to post an update of how our favorite players are doing.

Mesut is relaxing :) He truly deserves it after such an exhausting season & tireless world cup matches!


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16 July 2014 @ 07:36 pm
I just don't get this boy.

I just don't. What does it mean?


I think he liked The Lion King as a kid. It's the only explanation.

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Welcome back Home Champions!

Photo: back in the country of the world champions! 󾟛 󾟛  Sami Khedira Ron-Robert Zieler #DFBTeam #WorldCup Photo: Willkommen zu Hause, WELTMEISTER!
                                                                                                                  With all our respect captain :)

Shout out to the best goalkeeper in the world :D
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The parade is still going on...
If you find any more pics don't hesitate to post :)
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14 July 2014 @ 08:24 am
The Boateng Twins really stole the show yesterday. They are obviously everyone's favourites at this world cup since there are pics of them with just about everyone. The other kids got lots of love, of course, but the Boateng girls were just the most adorable.

But community favourite Louis Podolski got some love too, of course.

Their pictures with Mesut are in this post.


If you find any others, post them in the comments.

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12 July 2014 @ 11:36 am
Since we received an awesome additional suggestion from ladya_sama, here's a new version of the poll!

Poll #1975034 Mesut Özil + Alexis Sanchez = ?? (Take Two)
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 16

How should we refer to the new pairing possibility for our crinky-eared hero?

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3 (18.8%)
0 (0.0%)
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1 (6.2%)
1 (6.2%)
Other (please specify in the comments)
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Poll #1974941 Alexis Sanchez + Mesut Özil = ??
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 14

How should we refer to the new pairing possibility for our crinky-eared hero?

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1 (7.1%)
1 (7.1%)
1 (7.1%)
3 (21.4%)
7 (50.0%)
Other (please specify in the comments
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10 July 2014 @ 07:33 pm
Can't wait for jenny_jenkins semi-final post? Me neither!! But feast on this while you wait....  *SLURP*

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All right community members! This cutie here has signed for Arsenal.

And no, don't ask me why Barcelona sold one of their best players this season. We don't care. Just know that to be a Gooner today is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

alexis signs
Here's Le Boss on our new signing - who will gel PERFECTLY with Mesut. It's like they were made for each other on the pitch.

"Alexis will add power, creativity and quality. He has consistently produced top-quality performances for a number of seasons now."

I will make us a beautiful spam commemorating Germany getting to the final later today. But for now: welcome Alexis!

06 July 2014 @ 08:58 pm
Germany's quarter-final victory against France (1-0) was also cheered by our favorite German wags, and this time Mandy has made an appearance too:


You were right Jenny, she has brought her dad with her #Selfie#                                    
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And some bonus pics of Lena & Sami at the beach:
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Good luck to Die National Mannschaft,
Let's wish them to win this world cup safe and sound!
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Anything you feel, any match pic you want to spam, any tears you want to shed (the good or bad kind):


Do it with friends! And do it any time.

And remember: we'll always have each other <3

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